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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Yacht rescue couple 'looking death in the eye' Sky News 09/03/2017 Other Nick Dwyer and Barbara Heftman thank their rescuers in Sydney after they were saved from rough seas between New Zealand and Australia An Irishman and Frenchwoman have been rescued after their yacht's rudder broke, leaving them stranded in the rough Tasman Sea. The pair were sailing from New Zealand to Australia when the rudder broke on physician home equity loan Oak Laurel Saturday, followed by the 20ft yacht capsizing several times before they activated an emergency beacon on Tuesday. They were about 230 miles east of Sydney. Nick Dwyer, 55, said he and partner Barbara Heftman, 44, had talked about the possibility that they might not survive their ordeal. "Every wave that hit you, we're wondering: is this the one that's going to take you out? We weren't at all confident of coming through that and we were looking death in the eye, frankly," he told Australia's Nine Network. Other Nick Dwyer and Frenchwoman Barbara Heftman feared for their lives But after the emergency beacon was activated, Australian authorities sped to the rescue, bringing the couple onto their boat and delivering them to Sydney Harbour on Wednesday night. Mr Dwyer praised the rescuers, saying: "They put their own lives at risk and if it wasn't for them, we probably wouldn't be here and they are the heroes, you know." But they had to abandon their yacht, which has been their home for seven years of sailing around the world.